About me

Born in 1971 in Nuremberg, Germany, Barbaros Sayılgan started working in TV industry at the early age of 16, first as an intern, then as assistant editor and assistant director in Ulusal Radyo TV, which served as a school to the Turkish television industry. During these years, he served as assistant editor in many feature films produced by Erler Film including the award-winning ‘Women’s Ward’ by the legendary director Halit Refiğ, in which he worked both as assistant editor and assistant cinematographer. He also served as Cameraman & Post Production Assistant, Assistant Editor and Editor for TV shows such as Bir Baska Gece, Hodri Meydan, İşte Hayatimiz, Çizgi Ötesi, Monitor, and İcraatın İçinden.  In the 90’s and 00’s, he continued to work in the then newly flourishing private TV channels and production companies as Director, Editor and DOP, working in a variety of jobs that include music videos, commercials, documentaries and news production. He worked for the foundation of TV channels, serving in managerial positions. His photographs were printed in a variety of media and were exhibited. Barbaros Sayılgan lives in Istanbul and New York.